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Promoting the original music and works of Traditional Irish Musician,Eoin Duignan & Yoga & Complimentary Health Therapist, Ilonka Miklosi.The couple and their family are based in Dingle,County Kerry, Ireland.

Pagan Irish-Cath Finntragha

Pagan Irish

Sample Tracks

Steal away
Dolar Durbo,The young prince of Ulster

Cath Finntrágha, known in English as The Battle of Ventry Strand, is a major tale forming part of An Fhiannaíocht (a cycle of heroic saga originating in Early Medieval Ireland). The legends follow the exploits of the Fianna, a band of itinerant warriors charged with the protection of Ireland from invasion. Their leader is the great Fionn Mac Cumhail (Finn McCool), a warrior, seer, poet, hunter and lover. The battle lasted a year and a day. This recording is a musical interpretation of the story using original tunes, two tunes from the Goodman collection and some traditional tunes.

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